Youngest Mobile Game App Developer


In February 2013, seven-year-old Zora Ball from Philadelphia, USA, became the youngest person to develop a fully functional mobile game app. This remarkable achievement showcases her exceptional talent and determination at such a young age.

The Journey

Zora created the game using Racket, an open-source programming language, as part of a STEM class at Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School. Her game features a ballerina searching for a jewel in a nail salon while avoiding a vampire.


The game was unveiled at the Foundation for the Advancement of Technology in Education’s Bootstrap Expo at the University of Pennsylvania. Despite initial skepticism about her authorship, Zora demonstrated her skills by reprogramming parts of the game on the spot, proving her capability and silencing doubters.


Zora Ball’s accomplishment as the youngest mobile game app developer is an inspiring example of the potential young minds have in the field of technology and game development.